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This is the list of local cheeses which we used to stock: please be aware that i) not all the local cheeses are included and ii) this list is not being maintained after December 2015 - please use it only as an initial reference guide and not an authoritative statement.

This is our Autumn 2015 local list: we commend them to you

ASHDOWN FORESTERS - Organic cheese made from organic cows milk on the Ashdown Forest - smoked also available. Pasteurised

BRIGHTON BLUE – Introduced from Horsted Keyenes in 2012 –creamy, tasty, full-flavoured, vegetarian cows-milk blue

BROTHER MICHAEL – Traditionally rind-washed cows-milk cheese which we are proud to have assisted in bringing into production: organic, vegetarian and pasteurised

BURWASH ROSE - a small, whole, rind-washed beauty, made at Stonegate – raw, vegetarian, cow: sold as a whole small cheese.

BUTTERCUP - Raw Jersey milk from Firle, made at Stonegate with a lighter taste and texture than a cheddar, and with appealing colour & flavour.

CHABIS - A classic recipe: a fresh raw goats milk cheese delicious a few days to a month old, ideal for grilling at any stage.

CHARLTON, – something special in the pasteurised cheddar line from the organic Dairy Shorthorn herd on the Goodwood Estate: firm, creamy, tasty and well worth a try.

DUTCHMAN – a tasty, mature Gouda-type from Old Plaw Hatch Farm; raw milk, organic, vegetarian, also with peppercorns or cumin

DUDDLESWELL – From Sussex High Weald, a hard ewes milk cheese, with a wonderful nuttiness and long aftertaste, also SMOKED. Organic,

FETA - 100% ewes milk organic cheese from the same fold as DUDDLESWELL. Pasteurised (same recipe, same high quality, renamed as MEDITA as it's not Greek)

FLOWER MARIE - mould-ripened soft cheese made from raw ewes milk. BEST SOFT WHITE CHEESE, British Cheese Awards 1999

GOLDEN CROSS - Small raw milk log of creamy goats cheese, delightful young, matures well. Frequent winner of BEST SOFT WHITECHEESE, British Cheese Awards. Winner of the James Aldridge Memorial Trophy (first awarded in 2001) BEST SOFT WHITE CHEESE 2005

GOODWEALD SMOKED - A genuine smoked cheddar-style with plenty of taste. Raw cows milk. From Stonegate. Renamed from GOODWOOD SMOKED

HALLOUMI - close textured, pasteurised 100% ewes milk cheese to grill or fry: from the makers of DUDDLESWELL. Organic

LITTLE SUSSEX – new in June 2011 – a small (80g), soft, mould-ripened ewes-milk cheese: delicate when very young, more pungent as it ages.

LORD OF THE HUNDREDS – hard, mature, raw ewes milk, dryish texture, subtle and tasty – as good as ever was.

MOLECOMB BLUE – a superb small blue from the Goodwood Estate – full-flavoured, smooth and creamy, with a smoky-grey rind; pasteurised, organic, cow

OLD SUSSEX – A tangy cheddar type, another tasty cheese from Stonegate. Raw cows milk, vegetarian.

PLAW HATCH MATURE - Organic raw cows-milk, cloth wrapped, aged from about 6 months upwards.Complex flavour when young, gaining strength and length with age. Occasionally smoked

RICOTTA – A very low fat ewes milk whey cheese, essential for many Italian recipes sweet or savoury. Pasteurised, organic.

SCRUMPY SUSSEX - Assertive herbs battle it out with cider and garlic in a strong cheddar-type cheese. Raw cows milk, vegetarian.

St GILES – the Sussex Sandwich cheese – organic, pasteurised cows milk in a springy, soft, well-flavoured cheese. Vegetarian

SISTER SARAH – subtly flavoured goats-milk cheese, semi-soft, pasteurised, vegetarian – from Horsted Keynes

SUSSEX BLUE – from Five Ashes – a springy-textured pasteurised cows milk blue - a great favourite since we first listed it.

SUSSEX CRUMBLE – from the same maker as Sussex Blue, a tasty cheese with a subtle edge. Pasteurised, cow, vegetarian.

SUSSEX CHARMER – an intriguing hybrid between cheddar and grana – pasteurised cows-milk in a useful, tasty introduction in 2008 – it's been winning major awards ever since. Vegetarian.

SUSSEX MARBLE – new in 2010 – a succulent cows-milk cheese enhanced with garlic and herbs – from the High Weald Dairy – organic, pasteurised, vegetarian: the Chilli version is good stuff, too!

SUSSEX SLIPCOTE - an ancient recipe gives soft fresh cheese, always available as plain, with peppercorns or with garlic and herbs. Pasteurised, organic

TREMAINS ORGANIC – from Sussex High Weald – organic, pasteurised, cow, full-flavoured, smooth, mellow cheddar type – winning prizes in 2007

GODSTONE CHEESES - We recommend all of the late and much lamented James Aldridge's cheeses: some are new, others are traditional British territorial cheeses given James' maturing expertise to transform them to succulent rivals to the best available from France. His partner continues the tradition to the highest standards. Please seek out CELTIC PROMISE (Supreme Champion – British Cheese Awards 2005), CHERRYWOOD, ISLE OF AVALON, PATRICE, SAVAL, TORNEGUS or perhaps one of the other productions using raw cows, ewes or goats milk.

OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS – South Downs butter, from the makers of Sussex Charmer, Organic fruit smoothies and yoghurts from Court Lodge Farm, Wartling

Rennet of vegetable origin is used in all the SUSSEX cheeses listed (except PLAW HATCH MATURE) and many others: this makes them eminently suitable for vegetarians. Ewe, goat and buffalo milk cheeses are often recommended for dietary or health reasons as they seem less likely to provoke allergic reactions. Some customers report that vegetarian cheeses taken in moderation do not cause migraine attacks. It may be worth a try!



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